How will your Pharma Company do with Healthcare Reform?

People with a job in the pharmaceutical industry are fortunate just to have a job given the current state of unemployment in the US.  At the same time, slow revenue growth, patent expirations, depleted pipelines, and layoffs from downsizings can create anxiety and well founded despair, discontent, and insecurity.

If you’re wondering about your company’s viability in the evolving new healthcare market or considering a move to another company, here are a few things you might want to assess and check out:

  • Does the executive team describe their vision in terms of patients and value to healthcare or do they talk about how big the company will be and what industry ranking by revenues they are shooting for and how they are going to get there?
  • Is your C-level and management team committed to an uncompromised culture of integrity and what have they done to prove it? DOJ Corporate Integrity Agreements don’t count as proof of their commitment.
  • Does your company make decisions based on doing what is right or are decisions driven more by what is legal or what is regulatory compliant?
  • Is your executive team more concerned about just having something to sell and the ability of sales and marketing to drive sales than they are about having innovative products that can deliver meaningful clinical benefits to patients?
  • Is R & D focused on a few therapeutic areas they intend to conquer with a broad basic science approach and a continuous search for expertise to help them or is your company merely searching for any compound or technology that might have a commercial opportunity?
  • Are you proud of your management team, their skill and expertise or are you wondering how in the world they got to be managers?
  • Is your marketing team dominated by MBAs who have never spent a “real day”, much less a year or more, in the field? Market research focus groups don’t count as “real days.”
  • Are the entry requirements for your sales organization based on high standards for professionalism and technical competence or are people hired because they can talk a good story (read BS meter overload) and have exceptional social personality traits (look nice and are very cordial)?
  • Are sales managers focused on the value reps are delivering to their customers or are they still concerned about trying to quantify your activities and deliver the marketing message?

No company is perfect, but if your assessment from these questions are not as reassuring as you might like them to be, you might have good reason to be concerned.   We haven’t even gotten into assessing business considerations like financial stability, pipeline strength, acquisition vulnerability, or litigation exposure.

If you like the answers you got from this assessment you are very fortunate indeed.

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  1. Hi Mike. I have a feeling that the answer to the lack of responses to your great article can be found in the title, simple “we don’t know”.

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