PharmaReform is no substitute for Reading Pharmaplasia™

As a reader of are you wondering why you should read Pharmaplasia™?

If you have found PharmaReform  helpful and informative you may want to consider reading Pharmaplasia™.    It  is a perfect compliment to the discussions we have at PharmReform.

Unlike most books about the pharmaceutical industry that take a sensationalized, exposé approach,  in Pharmaplasia™ I try to arm you with the background and information necessary to help you facilitate a change for a better future.  You will not find this insider’s perspective, analysis,  or assimilation of  recommendations anywhere else on the web or in any other books written about the industry.   Pharmaplasia™ provides  specific practical solutions to  many of the the major issues the industry is now facing,  from the implications of healthcare reform to marketing and sales challenges, diminished R & D productivity, and the loss of public trust.

The philosophical perspectives behind Pharmaplasia™ and are consistent but the book provides much more depth and important details about the root causes of the industry’s dysfunction (like me,  you may think you know what these are, but I didn’t), explains why it happened, and answers tough questions many people (especially executives) in the industry are afraid to address openly.  Without the background and context provided by the book,  even the recommendations for changes discussed at PharmaReform can seem random and perhaps even idealistic.

For those who still have questions, I invite you to check out the revised Pharmaplasia™ page or shoot me an e-mail. I’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy the read.

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