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Could you or your team use an experienced extra hand to help achieve your goals ?

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Running a pharmaceutical company has never been easy.  Daily operational challenges topped with keeping the pipeline filled and moving forward with exciting innovative new products.  Add the complexities of an increasingly demanding market with the uncertainties and even more challenging expectations of healthcare reform.

You have some internal resources and expertise but…

Ever find yourself wishing you had somebody outside the company who could provide you or your team an objective, honest, experienced perspective on how to optimize what you are trying to accomplish?

Or maybe you just need an experienced, objective sounding board to help formulate ideas, validate assumptions, or explore options for delivering better operational and financial results in this new evolving market.

Need somebody with no internal biases, no political ground to protect, no internal career aspirations to get in the way of making those organizationally difficult observations, asking the tough questions, and to the point recommendations?

Need somebody who could give you or your team that “outsider perspective” or that organizational “nudge” to do what you know needs to be done?

Need somebody who could provide experienced personal coaching, value adding project oversight, or insightful strategic planning review and assessment?

Need somebody you could trust with the expertise, interpersonal skills, and organizational savvy to facilitate and not obstruct or cause more problems?

I frequently found myself and other pharmaceutical executives in this situation throughout my career.   As a result, I would welcome an opportunity to discuss  your situation with you to see how I might be able to help.

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