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Mike Wokasch received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy and spent thirty years in the pharmaceutical industry in as diverse a career path as you will find anywhere.  He brings enthusiasm and a wealth of experience to the stage as he engages the audience with a unique insider’s perspective about this complex and often mysterious industry.  He speaks with credibility having worked as a pharmacist, a pharmaceutical sales representative, marketing manager for blockbuster products, and he has held corporate officer positions at large and small companies.

After retiring from the corporate world in 2008, he decided to write a book, Pharmaplasia™, which is about the need for fundamental change in a struggling pharmaceutical industry that is facing an even more challenging market characterized by healthcare reform.  The book is chock full of real life leadership and management principles that may seem apparent at first but are often compromised by business complexity and mistakes are exacerbated by organizational size.

When he is not bass fishing or golfing, Mike enjoys speaking about leadership, management, integrity, expertise, and professionalism  especially as they pertain to fast growing companies. He tailors his presentations to the interests of the audience.  For example, pharmaceutical industry and healthcare audiences will enjoy learning from his definitive perspective and practical recommendations as they pertain to the impact of healthcare reform.

He is also passionate about the need for expertise and professionalism in any career choice or job function and inspires audiences with specific research- supported tactics for achieving higher levels of personal performance.

Some recent feedback from a presentation given at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy Leadership Program:

“Your message was very well delivered and it really connected with the students in attendance.”

“I am more determined now to really find my niche in pharmacy, the niche I am truly passionate about.”

“This lecture made me realize I need to think more about what my true passion is, and then work towards that to develop my expertise and credibility.”

“I will take his 6 steps to heart and improve in my area of expertise.”


Sample Presentation Topics :


Healthcare Reform Implications for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Lessons learned from Pharma past to create a better Pharma future

What you always wanted to know about drug companies, but nobody would tell you

Leadership and management

Building teams of high performers and high achievers


Top 10 Leadership Lessons learned from 30 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry


The secrets to high performing, high achievement

Expertise; the undervalued asset


Mike will tailor his talk to your audience interests.  If you are looking for a speaker to keep your audience engaged, informed, and wanting more at the end of the talk you have found the right speaker.  Invite Mike to speak at your meeting or event or if you simply want to talk with him about your event, you can contact him by email:




Transforming Pharmaceutical Companies in an era of Healthcare Reform