About Pharma Reform

This website is dedicated to formulating practical strategies for transforming historical business practices of pharmaceutical companies to meet the needs and expectations of the evolving new healthcare market.

Participants will share in a broad perspective of the evolving role and the changing business practices of pharmaceutical companies as they adapt to healthcare reform initiatives.

As a forum for stimulating thinking, sharing ideas, exploring options, expressing opinions, and validating assumptions pharmaceutical executives and their advisers will be better prepared to formulate higher probability of success strategies for the future.

Policy makers, healthcare providers, and patients can stay current with issues facing pharmaceutical companies as they manage their way through healthcare reform.  They also have the opportunity to provide pharmaceutical executives with their perspectives on a wide range of issues as they arise.

Ultimately, recommendations will be proposed for developing revised business strategies and making operational changes that are compatible with the evolving new healthcare market expectations.  Success factors will include enhancing the flow of innovative new treatments at market sensitive prices, sustaining profitability, and reestablishing market credibility and public trust.

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Transforming Pharmaceutical Companies in an era of Healthcare Reform