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The pharmaceutical industry’s current state of dysfunction

massive layoffs, slowing revenue growth, a major blockbuster “patent cliff”, disappointing R & D productivity, never-ending product liability lawsuits, allegations of illegal marketing and sales activities that lead to billion dollar fines and settlements, and the list goes on.

“How did we come to this, and is there hope that these companies will behave differently moving forward.  That is the subject and basis for the book Pharmaplasia written by Michael Wokasch.  The book does a very good job of describing the history of the pharma industry, with emphasis on the past 20 years and the conditions under which the companies chose to pursue marketing tactics with such questionable ethics.”

“All these topics are well covered and discussed in ‘Pharmaplasia’.  For those interested or involved in the industry, it is an important book to read, and I’m very glad I did.”

Ralph Casale     The Motley Fool CAPS blog

“As I closed the book for a second time, I felt like I’d had a friendly and useful conversation with an eloquent, intelligent and very experienced man who cared about pharma and had some useful things to say.  I’d have been mistaken to expect his book to give all the answers to the challenges faced by the industry, but if I’d hoped for a more modest but still worthwhile contribution to a complex debate, I’d have felt my time reading the book to be well spent.”

Brian D. Smith,  Editor   Journal of Medical Marketing(2011) 11, 90 – 92. doi: 10.1057/jmm.2010.33

“Having been in Pharma most of my professional career, I appreciate the author’s perspective and fact-referenced historical account of pivotal events. ”

Pam Marinko,  cofounder of the Atlanta Medical and Pharmaceutical Representative Association and a member of Pharmaceutical Representative ‘s advisory board gives Pharmaplasia™ 4 of 5 stars in  Pharmaceutical Representative Magazine, December 2010

Here’s some additional feedback from industry veterans:

Wokasch’s insightful view of the pharmaceutical industry offers some logical explanations for the volatile changes and disappointment in that once proud business sector. As a senior level insider with access to key decision makers, Mike is able to provide both concrete examples and an educated perspective of the pinnacles and pitfalls surrounding this important segment of our economy and lives. This is a must read for both senior level pharma executives and those aspiring to bring back the real value to this once respected industry. Jim Patchen

(book) Came today and I read it straight thru. YES! I can certainly relate to the things you said in there! I just kept saying, how true, how true!Chuck Karabin

“I read the book cover to cover in less than 3 days.  I am totally impressed with your perceptions of the pharmaceutical industry from the vantage point of where it was, where it is, and where it’s going/needs to go.”   “ This book should be required reading for all those in a managerial or developmental position within the industry.” Jim Layman

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